About Us

“Faith in Action groups perform deliberate acts of kindness.  Their sensible acts of decency won’t nudge Wall Street’s stock tickers.  They won’t make the cover of People.  But they make a difference in the lives of ordinary people.” Rutland Herald, Vermont, April 8, 2007.

Who We Are:

Faith In Action Northern Communities Partnership, Inc. (FIANCP) is a certified 501c3 nonprofit. Our main office is located in Cabot, VT with a branch office in Lyndonville, VT.

The community need which we address is community itself. We reinvigorate a sense of community through volunteerism and neighborly service. Through our two office locations we are able to offer regular events and programs such as our twice-monthly Food Share, monthly Senior Adventure Morning, Community Dinners, Craft Socials, and many other classes and workshops. With our Volunteers we able to offer assistance with transportation, homemaking and repair services, snow removal, friendly visiting, and much more!

What Do We Do?

Our common goal is the help the elderly and disabled stay in their homes and communities as long, healthily, happily, and safely as possible.

Our approach is collaborative. We work in partnership with cities, communities, churches, fraternal and service groups, schools, colleges, businesses, trades people, medical providers, housing specialists, social service organizations, Federal and State agencies, and individuals as we establish sustainable local networks of volunteers led by local volunteer, volunteer coordinators.

We visit folks on a regular basis, transport people to medical and other appointments, provide enrichment, respite care, and distribute 200,000 lbs. of free food annually (conservatively valued at $300,000). Our pilot Volunteer Farm Garden in St. Johnsbury produced over 13,000 pounds of fresh produce, which was distributed to and through eight local Food Shelves, six free meal sites and one school. We repair and paint folks’ homes, roof barns, build handicapped ramps, take folks for country and memory lane rides, plant gardens, phone daily during illness and regularly check in after recovery, fetch prescriptions and groceries, deliver meals, rake leaves and roofs, shovel, or plow snow, wash windows, and help neighbors get grants for major home repairs all to help folks stay in, and be  a vital part of, their local communities.

Regional and Statewide Leadership

Under a 2006 RWJF exit strategy grant with matching funds from the VT Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living (DAIL), we have established the Northern New England States FIA Network consisting of programs in VT, NH, and ME.  We are in our second year and are working to build cooperation, sharing best practices, developing regional awareness, and identifying larger strategies for growing programs and services across the region. We have now published a ‘Tool Kit’ for starting programs and will have a Network website up in December.

As we become better known, the challenge is for us to increase services and staffing to meet the increasing call to help mobilize more communities for participation.

In a very real sense every year is a start-up for us during which we work to add 4 to 7 new communities and collaborating partners to the Faith in Action group, thereby improving our services and programs so they will be available to fulfill our overarching vision of meeting the rapidly increasing need for every community.

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